40 Days of Purpose

Well, here we are, 7:21pm on New Year's Eve.  I'm at home, I have laundry and cleaning to do, and no big party plans.  I'm actually very ok with this.  I'm not a night owl, I don't really like the party scene, and I'm content to be safe and warm in my own space.  

Everyone pushes for some new resolution, only to fall off of the wagon in 2 weeks (or sooner!)  A few years ago I did 40 Days of Purpose (Rick Warren), in which I fasted for 40 days.  I did not go without food and water obviously, but I did give up a big food-related vice.  It was a great challenge.  I think I'm going to try it again this year with something different--and not food related.  A lot is going to happen within the first 40 days of this new year, primarily the beginning of a presidency.  I feel like it is a good time for Americans to devote themselves to prayer and thanksgiving to God during this season as we begin a new chapter in our lives.

Christmas Break was a little insane, but I'm glad I had time to spend with my family.  I'll go back to work on Monday and begin the long haul to summer vacation.  Whoo!!!! I have 3 classes this semester for ECU, but it should not be quite as crazy as last semester.  

Happy New Year Everyone!    

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