I am SO weak when it comes to Christmas and my children.  I know I said in an earlier blog that I wasn't going to go crazy....but I just can't help it!  



I love knowing that I've gotten something for someone that they are really going to love and appreciate, and my Molly makes it so easy to shop for her!  She has her faults, but she is truly an appreciative child.  She gets so excited and makes you feel like you have given her the world--even when it's something small like a sticker or piece of candy.  So much fun!

I need to get a few more things for Lily, right now she has exactly one present from the big man.  Molly has a several, and even though Lily won't care, Molly will notice.  We let Molly talk to Santa tonight at the mall and since Lily was too afraid to go to Santa, Molly made sure that she told Santa what Lily would like in addition to Molly's wishlist.  She called it her "order"--as in, she made her order for Christmas to Santa.  So cute!

Later we went into to Wacky Bear--which is a generic Build-a-Bear store and I told Molly prior to entry that we weren't buying anything.  WRONG!  We left with a new dog for Molly and Christmas Elmo for Lily.  WEAK!!!  I can't help it....Chris left me alone in the store with the girls and notions of the holidays.....and I was a goner.  Chris is the rock of our financial situation--he's extremely thrifty--one might even go as far as to call him (dare I say it) CHEAP.  I'm usually pretty level headed about spending money throughout the year......until the stores start decorating for Christmas.  Then all sense leaves me until mid-January.


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