To Do

1.  Laundry (check)
2.  Fold laundry and put away (semi-check) 
3.  Clean kitchen (i.e. empty dishwasher, scrub counters, and possibly mop) (semi-check)
4.  De-clutter bedroom
5.  Clean guest room (it's accumulated a little too much junk this week)
6.  Put the remaining decor out and put the boxes back in the attic (check-minus)
7.  ECU Homework
8.  Prepare some sort of meal (check)
9.  Baths for the girls, clothes, and diaper bag packed for Sunday (check)
10.  Watch "Penelope" as it should arrive from Netflix today and try to relax. 
11.  Lesson Plans for school

Here we go. . .

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