T-minus One Week!

I have officially one week until the end of this semester---whoo!!

To Do List as of Sunday 11/30/08 10:01pm

Foundations Paper: Due Wednesday 11/3

10 pages (yes--must make final corrections)
Power Point (1/2 done, must add in video footage)
References (yes, and documented in paper)
Prep for Presentation (getting there....)
Presentation Thursday 12/4 at 5:00pm

Research Project: Due Monday 11/8

25 pages (6 completed)
Power Point (still only title slides)
References (still only 18....need to find the rest)
Surveys (compiled in Excel)
Annotated Bibliography (2/3 completed)

Today I feel ok about things. I'm at the point where it has to get done, and I know that it's just a matter of making my tail sit down and get to work.

Here we go!!!

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