Election Day

Is tomorrow.  I am so ready for this election to be over.  

I will vote for McCain.  I don't want to get into an argument with anyone about my vote.  

It is MY vote. 

When my students ask me which candidate I am voting for I simply tell them, "You are not a registered voter, you will only regurgitate what your parents tell you, therefore we cannot have a conversation about voting."

Molly was at the table last night and this broke my heart.  She said, "Are you voting for John McCain?  Katie (my niece who is in 4th grade) told me that there are people that want girls to marry girls and boys to marry boys and that people want to kill babies.  I think girls should be able to marry girls--don't you?"

I know it's just her innocence.  She doesn't know what she's saying, and she doesn't realize the extent of her words.  To her it's like coloring the sky purple in her pictures with blue grass--silly.  

But. . .

I didn't want my 4 year old exposed to that sort of information.  

I'm not ready to tell her that, yes, I think homosexuality is wrong, but I have friends who are homosexual and they know I love them anyway. 

I'm not ready to tell her that yes, abortion is murder, and it's terrible terrible terrible.   

I'm not ready for her to be exposed to these horrible things the world says is ok.  

She's a baby.  

And yet, because of this election my child has been given those thoughts and a little bit of her childhood has been chipped away.


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