All American Food

This afternoon, in celebration of completing my crazy amounts of homework hours earlier than expected, I decided to cook my mother's meatloaf, real mashed potatoes (no flakes or potatoes our of boxes at this house folks!!! NEVER!), and green beans.  YUMMY!  I know many people are not meatloaf fans, however, this is some yummy yummy yummy food.  My family devoured it as we didn't eat until Chris and Molly came home from SNK at 7:30pm (which felt like 8:30 to our tummies).  

Tomorrow is another exciting day at school.  

Tuesday is Election Day--everyone go vote! 

Wednesday is PAMPERED CHEF PARTY DAY!!!!  Please come!!!!!

I am glad this semester at ECU is winding down.  I have 2 major papers to complete between now and then--one 10 pages and one 25 pages! EEK!!  I need to get cracking on them so I'm not spending all of Thanksgiving weekend working on those stupid papers.  Agony!

I'm ready to put up my Christmas tree.  I've decided that next Tuesday, Veteran's Day, will be the day.  It's a school holiday, and I'm looking forward to the event.  I love Christmas!  I can't wait to get the tree and the nativity down.  I have a lovely nativity--Willow Tree that has been given to me in pieces the past few years by my family.  It's so pretty I would like to leave it up all year long, but I really don't have a nice place for it.  It sits high in our dining room right now so that the girls won't play with it.  I have a whole Rudolph village that is so extensive that I've begun putting it on top of my kitchen cabinets because I don't have enough table space for it either.  That was a great present from my in-laws because they know I'm quite fond of the original classic.  I'd really like to get a little table-top tree for the girls' room this year, but I may wait one more year when Lily is slightly older and can appreciate it more.  I may look for one the day after Christmas this year when everything is on sale.  

We've put bunk beds for the girls on layaway.  Why layaway?  Very simple:  1.  No storage at the house and 2:  No interest on the credit card.  We'll pay cash and not have to find excuses for the enormous box in our room.  I think on Christmas Eve we'll pass the girls off to a relative and let them come home to find them set up in their rooms that evening after the Avery Christmas Eve Extravaganza.  We'll tell them it's our gift to them.  They will be so excited!

Have a lovely week!

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