Whatever happened to. . .???

Facebook and Myspace are such interesting things.  All of the sudden we are reconnected with people from our past--and cram them all in with the people of our present, and then there is the funny thing where the past and present know each other outside of you--very "Oracle of Bacon."  Sometimes you see photos of old friends and realize they look EXACTLY THE SAME as the last time you sat with them in Trig class. . .when we all "wed the wange on owr grawphing cawlcuwators."  Others, I look at the names and the photos and think, "Do I actually know this person?  Is it an impostor?"  I look at some of these people and think they look so incredibly different, and then I look at my photos and realize how different I look too.  Of course, we all resemble the kids we were when one looks hard enough at us, but I wonder how many of us are exactly the same on the inside.  For example, does anyone actually remain popular once they leave high school?  It seems like the people who had it together then, still have it together now, at least according to their profiles that's what they will have us believe. 

I hope that I'm not 100% the same.  

I hope that I no longer I count my worth by the number of friends I speak to on a semi-regular to seldom basis.  

I hope that I'm not as mean and that I will take time to care about others and their problems rather than focusing on my own.  

I think about people I spent so much time trying to be friends with, and realizing that my real friends were people who didn't make me play by the rules.  

Do I regret that time in life?   Absolutely not.  

Would I do things differently?  Maybe.  

I believe that we are given opportunities in life and our choices aim us down the paths we choose for ourselves.  I may not love everything about the way I arrived, but I like the place I'm in now.  

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