State Fair & Toby Mac!

Yesterday was tons of fun! It was chilly and cold, but here are some photos from our day at the fair. Molly had such a blast on her first fair trip and at her first concert (we won't count John Mayer and Maroon 5 since she was in my belly--but she jumped through that one too!) We spent time just wandering around the first few hours--looking at the animals and produce. Molly liked looking at the baby animals the best. We also paid $3.00 to go in the Bear Exhibit. That was pretty cool--they had some live bears inside. The best part of that was when the grizzly backed up to the window and took care of some business. I noticed he took a stance like Buster, and I thought to myself, "To be sure that bear is not going to take a dump right there in front of my face!" Sure enough, the bear answered the call of nature. Molly was speechless--and I have to agree, you aren't really sure what to say when a massive grizzly is in front of you taking care of business. It was pretty funny!

The concert was awesome and extremely loud. The arena is big and open and the sound was bouncing everywhere. We had excellent seats--11th row on the floor, but that also meant we were close to the speakers and stage. It was LOUD!!! My ears are still ringing today--I brought earplugs for the kids, and a spare set just in case they dropped one. There was a 2 year old sitting in front of us SCREAMING when the concert started, so we gave that family our extra pair. It was very fun and highly entertaining at the concert!!! I love me some Toby Mac! His style is very eclectic--and I'm all about some R&B/hip hop/funk/rock music--very cool. It's great to be around people who enjoy similar tastes in music as well--super fun!

It was a long day, but we had a great time AND I got my corn dog and fries!

Have a great week everyone!

In the car--ready to ride!

She liked "picking" produce and looking at the chickens at the Children's Farmer's Market.

Molly loved the bumblebee ride--it went high!

Molly and Chris preparing for takeoff in front of the UNC-TV area.

Amanda, Molly, Selah, and Heather in front of the stage at the end of the concert--our girls were sooo tired!

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