Sick in the Head

Today is wonderful.  It is 8:15am and I am sitting in my living room listening to the washing machine and Sesame Street.  I'm watching Molly dance around the living room and I am happily drinking a lovely cup of coffee (cinnamon swirl with vanilla creme YUM!) and catching up a little on mindless blogging.  In a second I'm going to being a little homework in my pjs and enjoy the crispness of this morning.  It's a GLORIOUS day and I am NOT AT SCHOOL!!!

Molly and I need to get her ready for the wedding this afternoon and I'm sacrificing a "sick day" in order to stay home with her.  Sick days are so controversial in the teaching world--is a "mental health day" ok for sick leave?  I say yes--because if I am sick in the head so to speak, then I have no business being around children that aren't my own.  I'm so tired of school and it's only October.  Thanks for the support I've received from a few of you about my situation.  I just continue to make it through each day and try to keep my chin up.  I appreciate your prayers about everything.  I'm so fortunate to be employed that sometimes I feel like a big baby complaining about my job, but this job is two jobs crammed into one busy day and it's overwhelming at times. 

Well, off to start a paper and catch up on some schoolwork and some light housework.  My mom might be dropping in later today with my grandmother--they are planning to go to Saturdays in Greenville to do a little specialty shoe shopping--my grandmother has extremely narrow feet and she can't find shoes at regular stores like most of us.  

This afternoon I have to take Molly to get her hair done for the wedding this evening.  It's going to be outside--I'll see if we can get some pictures.  Tomorrow is volunteer appreciation at church--I'm hoping the boys get a lot done today so Lindsey and I don't eat up our Saturday getting things ready.  She has some desserts to make (I vote for Paula!), but hopefully we won't have to be at church all day tomorrow.  

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