Research is super fun!

And I'm willing to share with anyone who would like to partake!  I'm not going to keep it all to myself!!!!  I'm ok with sharing!  Just let me know!

I think the election coverage is going to drive me crazy.  These ads are getting longer, more ridiculous, and more snippy.  If I have to hear one more time about who did what, I think I may explode.  This evening one ad seemed to go on for at least 3 minutes....bleck.  

Chris and I (and the girls) went to Ashley Furniture this evening to begin looking for bunk beds for the girls.  We found a really cute one--with a precarious ladder.  I'm a little hesitant about it, but it is a twin over a full, so I guess if one of the girls fell off of the ladder they would fall on the bed below.  We'll's still a little early, but I really want to get one for the girls.  We've got a good coupon (50% off!!) and a fair amount saved from the girls' birthday money.  With the coupon and savings it would be very affordable, but I'm still wanting to look around.

My mother's birthday is this weekend.  I haven't decided to visit or not--we originally weren't going to, but then plans sort of fell through.  We shall see...we have alternate plans with the Woolards if a trip to Jacksonville doesn't work out.  You never know, we may be able to negotiate all of our activities!  That would be super fun too!

Next weekend is the State Fair--I'm sooo excited!  I've not been to the fair since I was a junior at ECU--very very long time!!!  I love the fair--I love the animals, crafts, and of course the FOOD!  I'm super excited about a fair corndog YUM and fair french fries...I'm sure Chris will get a funnel cake.  We're taking Molly with us--we even have tickets to see TobyMac (one of my favorites and I'll just throw it out there--a super hottie!  It's ok, my husband knows and is secure in his manhood).  The Milburns will be going with us--fun times ahead!!!!  

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