Outsmarting the Children

Lily has finally reached the age where we have to think about outsmarting her.  She has figured out how to push the stool in the living room so she can get past the couch...and she's almost ready to climb over it.  I finally put the stools in the entryway so she can only go in the living room and her room.  I shut all the doors in the hall so she will be free to go back and forth.  She's getting so big!  She and I are hanging out this evening because Chris had a children's activity tonight--and Molly tagged along to see her pal Josey.  I'm really glad--Lily and I do not get a lot of mommy-baby time, and it's always so sweet to have her undivided attention.  She likes getting mine as well--so cute!  She's such a gentle soul--and my thinker.  She loves to play and be silly--but she's nothing like her sister, which is ok, too. 

Tonight I have to complete some homework so I can have tomorrow off.  We want to drive to New Bern to visit with my parents at the Mum Fest.  Sunday is Mom's birthday, so it will be nice to spend the day with her, and have a nice family day.  We haven't had one of those in a while, so it will be nice to do something together.  I've heard about a lot of people who will be going as well--maybe we'll see you there! 

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