Oh me...

I sure would like the Merry Maids to drop by my house.  I can't keep up with the laundry and basic day-to-day cleaning items these days.  For whatever reason, I perpetually have clothes that need to be washed, folded, and put away.  I have dishes on the countertops (a personal pet peeve).  I swear they multiply like bunnies in the middle of the night!!!  I also have things I just need to do like clean out the girls' closet of summer clothing and get their winter items out of the attic (which also involves washing, folding, and putting away ugh).  I need about a week to catch my house up to Amanda Standard.  

I remember thinking I was soooo busy back when I was in school.  Yes, I did have a full plate back then between classes, practicing (which some people really thought was secret code for making out....which was so absurd.  Like I'd really make out with someone for 4 HOURS A FREAKIN' DAY!!!????!!!! Come on...), CCF, SAI, teaching private lessons, and working at University CoC--but I also remember having time to hang out and sleep on a regular basis.  I guess I didn't have a job, husband, or kids.  

Man, some days I wish I had that time back.  If nothing else I would have a clean house again.

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