Mum Festival

Today was a great family day!  We all slept in a little and then went to ECU to turn in my assignment, grabbed some beans from Starbucks for Mom's birthday present, and then drove to New Bern to go to the Mum Festival.  We got there around 11:30am and met my parents in downtown New Bern.  The festival is your typical North Carolina event in which street vendors line the streets selling everything from aprons to fried Twinkies.  I love this type of stuff--it's so small town USA.  We walked around for about an hour and headed towards the kiddie rides.  As we were deciding which ride Molly would ride, we noticed a large rainstorm heading across the river towards us.  We quickly ducked under the goldfish ping pong ball tent and waited out the first shower.  Molly decided she wanted to ride the train, so we waited until the rain became a sprinkle, and dashed over to the train.  While we were waiting, shower number two came rolling in and we huddled under the awning of the dart throw.  The shower came down harder and the dart lady had to shut her awning, sending us back into the rain.  We scurried back towards the vendors and decided to eat lunch at the Cow Cafe.  This is an eatery I've been wanting to go to since I was in middle school--very cute with cow decor!

After lunch (around 2:30ish) our girls were pretty sleepy and grumpy, and it was beginning to rain again, so we decided to head towards our cars.  Mom had gotten Molly a pop-up tent and a Barbie fishing pole--very exciting!

As we were leaving New Bern we made a wrong turn and ended up in the shopping district of New Bern.  As we were passing the GameStop, I commented how we ought to stop to see if they had Wii Fit--Jordan had called earlier in the day to let us know they had Wii in stock (he knew we were looking for one earlier for Chris).  I went in and SUCCESS!!!  We are now the owners of a lovely Wii Fit--I'm so very excited!  This was all I really wanted for Christmas, and YEA!  Chris and I tried it out today--we're both out of shape, however his Wii Fit Age is older than mine!!!  Whoo hoo!!!  Actually, ours is about the same, he's just a few years older than me.

Tonight we are going to try to relax before another big day at church.  I'm so glad I got to spend the day with my family--it makes me feel so good!  

Have a good evening everyone!

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