Every Mother's Struggle

This week has been a little crazy.  On Tuesday I stayed home from school because my ears were still hurting from the concert, and I didn't feel the need to subject them to 6th grade band.  On Thursday, Molly threw up a few times while Chris was keeping the girls, but she appeared to be fine by the evening.  Friday my parents came in to spend the night and we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  Molly complained the whole time we ate that she was hungry, and she felt very warm so I decided she had a touch of something and gave her some Tylenol before bed.

 Yesterday I was so excited to go shopping with my sister-in-law, Stacy.  She is so much fun to be with, and the ladies from her church were going to Smithfield for their annual ladies day out and she asked me if I would like to go.  I haven't been shopping in forever AND my mother-in-law decided to give me my Christmas $$$ early so I could find some things for myself.  We were leaving at 8:30am from the church in Washington and wouldn't return until later in the evening.  My parents decided to come for the weekend to watch the girls because Chris had an ultra-fun CCF Board meeting (that he only goes to because I probably would have gone postal on some particular people if I had remained a board member while trying to work, go to school, and be a mommy).  Yesterday morning, as I'm literally walking out the door, I decided to go back and get a drink for the road.  While I was in the kitchen I saw Buster hadn't been fed, so I called Molly to get his food.  As I closed the door to the fridge I noticed that Molly was slumped funny in the pantry over the food and shuddering.  I asked her what was wrong, and she starts crying/screaming that she has thrown up on her pjs.  I hurry her to the bathroom where my mom intercepts her and I go back to the kitchen to clean up the floor.   

And then I had to make a decision.  Do I stay or do I go?  

I really wanted to stay, and I really wanted to go shopping.  My mother finally insisted that I go shopping and take the day for myself and that Molly would be fine.  In fact, she thought it was just an isolated incident since we had given Molly some milk for breakfast and maybe it had just upset her stomach.  After about 20 minutes, Molly seemed to be better, so I loaded up and headed on my way.  

Turns out it wasn't so isolated.  She threw up again later, and then ran a high fever all last night.  I called Jordan and left him a message since it's my month to sing that if I didn't show up Sunday morning to not be surprised.  That was a bummer too, because I love it when it's my turn for praise team, but what do you do?  

It's so scary when your baby has a fever and the Tylenol/Motrin alternation routine isn't working like it should.  She woke up every hour on the hour last night complaining of chills and thirst.  This morning when I gave her the morning dose of Tylenol, it immediately came right back up.  That was the final straw, I called the doctor and made an appointment.  The ran blood work and a strep culture on her, but everything came back negative.  They decided she just has a nasty virus that should run its course before too long.  I'm glad it's nothing major, but sometimes I wish they could just give me something to make it better for her!  

We had baked potatoes for lunch (mine with salsa and cheese, hers with a tiny amount of cheese to give it a little taste), and then the girls each slept over 2 hours.  She appears to be doing a little better now, but she still has a fever and is under the weather.  My Molly is such a bouncy energetic child, it's so strange to see her acting this way.  

Today is Fall Festival at our church and she is super bummed that she will not be there.  I feel bad too, but I refuse to be one of those mothers who send their children to church or school when they clearly have a sickness that is easily shared.  I also had visions of her on the Moon Walk or in Mrs. Betty's class having an episode.  She got over it a little when I reminded her that HSM3 is out and we have a date planned with Lindsey and Rachel (and anyone else!)

OH, I'm having a Pampered Chef party on Nov. 5 at 7pm--everybody come!!!!  The more the merrier! :)  I had about a dozen invites to hand out today, but alas I wasn't there to personally invite you all!  Come and bring a friend! 

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