Another day, where's my dollar?

We had a lovely time last night at the wedding.  Chris' cousin was beautiful and the ceremony was outside at 7:30pm--everything was lit by tree lights and candles--very fancy!  It was such an important event that the official NC state bird decided to pay everyone a visit.  Swarms of mosquitos covered the area and everyone spent their time at the ceremony getting eaten up.  I've never seen anything like it!  At the rehearsal the night before there wasn't a bug to be seen--so of course I didn't think about bug spray.  Wow!  One of the bridesmaids was bitten so badly that she had large welts all over her body.  She was all swollen and red just in time for the photos.  Poor thing!  I felt so badly for her!  I've never seen anyone have such a reaction!

Molly did a great time as the flower girl--she was soooo cute in her dress and heels.  This time we had her hair very simply pulled up and away from her face--she looked so grown up.  One day when I figure out how to get some videos on here I will post some of her busting a move at the reception--that girl has moves I've never seen in a white girl!  

We got home late last night, and then I stayed up until about midnight working on school work.  I feel pretty good about things--I have a good draft written on my paper, took plenty (15 pages!) of notes for my quiz, and printed out my stats assignment so Chris and I can work together on that.  I don't know what I would do if I wasn't married to someone mathematically inclined.    Me and the maths don't get along AT ALL!!!  I still have to reply to the discussion board questions and aesthetically listen to a piece of music, and I should be good to go.  

Tonight is Chris x 2's Volunteer Appreciation dinner.  That's always a good night--Chuck Holton will be speaking this year.  It's just fun to thank the people who show up every Sunday to take care of my babies and everyone else's babies.  AND I don't have to cook--yes!  The guys decided to order Olive Garden again--oh yes!  And Lindsey will be making some desserts--oh yes!  It will be a fun evening.  

Tomorrow is church--this month will be a little busier because it's my turn to sing again.  I really, really, really enjoy doing that when it's my turn.  I have had the opportunity to sing with different people due to a few pregnancies (not mine!) and it's always so much fun no matter whose turn it is.  There are a lot of great people I've gotten to know through the ministry.  I now understand when people talk about being blessed through serving.  I find it a joy to give up my Thursday evenings for practice and to get to church an hour before to work all of the kinks out.  It's not even like a rock-star thing.  I'm very aware that I am by no means the most talented singer--there are plenty of people who are better.  However, there is something very wonderful about singing and using your gifts at church.  I can't really even explain's just a blessing.  

I should probably jump off and get the girls ready for dinner.  Lily is so grumpy today--she has a nasty diaper rash and is so tired from being out late last night.  I'm hoping to let her sleep until right before we need to leave to help her be a little more cheerful.  Poor baby!  Molly was rewarded for being such a good flower girl with a Camp Rock t-shirt--she wears it with pride!  Camp Rock has nothing on HSM and HSM2, but it's clean and cute, and she's obsessive about the Jonas Brothers.  She's a piece of work--I can't wait to see what she will be like when she's a teenager.  That girl is a trip!  

Happy Saturday!

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