Tropical Research

I'm interested to see what sweet Hanna will bring us.  I'm not expecting any major issues--just a lot of rain and wind.  


Don't get me wrong, I don't like destruction or anything crazy, but I do like tropical activity-or any weather event.  I like the snug feeling of being inside with my family, listening to the wind and rain, and checking out the latest weather reports.  We have been fortunate the past few years not to have had any terrible tropical weather in eastern North Carolina and I have this sinking feeling that we are due for a change.  I'm not concerned with Hanna....Ike may be more of a problem.

I love Sarah Palin!  I think she's awesome. 

Tonight we are having a get together for our Bible study.  We were on hiatus for the summer, and tonight's our kickoff.  I have a lasagna in the over--YUM!  Perfect food for a rainy night!  It's going to be good friends, good food, and good conversation.  I love our group--very nice, intelligent, and NORMAL people.  We are all so comfortable with each other--we can share our honest opinions and not worry about people talking behind our backs.  I love the families that are in our group--they are some of my favorite families in the church.  

I had a conversation with my research professor today about my project for the semester.  I think I'm going to be studying musical preferences in young children.  If anyone would like to let me work with their children, please let me know!  I think it's going to be an exciting study and I'm actually looking forward to it!

Well, the timer is going off and I need to check my dish--have a lovely weekend everyone and don't blow away!   

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