Last night I drove to Plymouth to see my favorite hair stylist, Kim.  Kim is probably one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world--that girl CRACKS ME UP!  I was really looking for a change, but nothing complicated.  When my day begins at 5:30am I am not in the mood for something that takes a lot of brain power.  One of my cousins has a pretty hip "do" so I emailed Kim prior to the appointment to give her some ideas and photos about what I was looking for.  I definitely received a new look, but I think I really like it.  Very short, very easy, and very different.  We shall see how I like it in a few days...but it's initially two thumbs up!

Today is Saturday.  I have a lot of things I need and want to do today.  I need to get some schoolwork done for ECU.  I need to go to the store and get some toilet paper!  (Somehow it didn't make the shopping list this week and we have exactly one roll between the two bathrooms.  Eek!) We have a baby shower today for one of Chris' cousins at 2pm in Washington.  I want to spend some time playing with the girls and Chris outside because the weather is BEAUTIFUL!  I really want to take care of some around the house items--putting laundry away, clutter, and a little TLC.  

I love this weather!  It just makes me so happy to wear my fluffy robe, sip a cup of coffee, and not suffocate from the heat!  It feels so good to have the windows open and breathe the fresh air--not the recirculated air in the house.  I love humidity not being 1001% and sticky.

I just LOVE fall!  I can hardly contain myself!!!!   

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