Pesky Fly!

Whoo!  I completed my first official paper for my masters.  I feel like a tremendous load has been lifted from my shoulders!  I am so rusty with my paper writing skills--I used to be able to generate papers like THAT....I'm just out of practice I guess.

I am being stalked by a fly.  It won't land long enough for me to swat it with my hot pink swatter--grr!  

I'm starting to like school...despite all the craziness.  I feel like my head has been spinning since the year started, and I have no idea if it's going to continue.  I hope this is just a phase that will be over very, very soon!

I love September.  This morning offered the crispness that I've been waiting for all summer--I love the brisk air of fall.  It reminds me of pumpkins and changing leaves....all leading up to autumn and winter.  I love it!

Grr, that fly went past me again!

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