Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh me, oh my....

Whew. This Sunday has been a little rough and I haven't even left the house today!  After an extremely long day yesterday, and since I've felt a little under the weather the past week--and it was all I could do to keep my head up this morning, and the girls did NOTHING but whine and cry this morning--the girls and I decided to load up on meds and stay home today from church.  It's not often that I don't go to church--I feel like my week starts on Sundays, and it's not like I don't enjoy going to my church--I love it there.  It just didn't happen today. 

I am taking two classes this semester at ECU and both professors have had to correct their original postings about assignments due this week.  That was very annoying.  One pushed back the due date for us, the other just sent an email at 4:45pm this afternoon asking everyone to fax their responses.  Now, here's my issue.  This assignment is due at midnight tonight.  Let's say you don't open your email this afternoon/email until later (or you opened it this morning, or yesterday) and there is no place open with a fax machine.  What in the world?  I submitted my assignment earlier, however, not with the faxed paperwork.  I decided I would just scan my assignment and send via email.  Ridiculous. 

I still have a quiz I need to take tonight--it will happen.....eventually...

OH, and then Chris brought me a box full of my favorite cookies--oatmeal raisin and sugar WITH FROSTING AND SPRINKLES!!!!!  BAM, you are AWESOME!


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