Hanna Banana

Hanna was a bust.  The only excitement was watching Molly's inflatable giraffe pool cling to the deck by it's neck for dear life during a blustery moment.  That was pretty great--other than that, some pears fell and of course the standard twigs, but no major damage. 

That was fun.

I'm waiting for Lily to wake up from her nap.  We have our appointment for our portrait in about an hour and a half.  I tried to keep our colors reduced to black, grey, and a splash of hot pink.  I have always found that those who avoid clashing colors and stick to a simpler scheme seem to have their photos chosen for the mock-families.  And, in all fairness I am a neutral kind of girl.  If you look in my closet you will find your standard assortment of black, grey, khaki, and brown.  My usual indulgence in color is pink--I just happen to like it.  It must be a my leftover childhood thing--but come to think of it, I actually wasn't a pink girl growing up either. 


I was very much a boy's girl--I liked black and teal, I liked sports and Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and all of my friends (with one or two exceptions) were boys.  I think it comes down to the, I don't have time to deal with the how-to-be-friends-with-girls drama.  My female friends now are girls who are not involved with drama.  I like simple girls who appreciate simple things, and that I don't have to go through the ritual BBF mating dance to impress them.  My friends are my friends because we have mutual interests and goals for life.

And I think they are pretty awesome people.  

Last night I witnessed something that made me sick to my stomach.  Poor little Caroline from church wandered off during the meal at Bible study and made her way into Josey's room.  If you've never been to Josey's, both she and her brother have beautiful rooms with spiral staircases up to the balcony area of their rooms (which also connect to the 2nd floor).  Their rooms are a child's dream!  Anyhow, Caroline is going to be 2 in November and she found the steps in Josey's room and toppled down headfirst.  Poor baby had mouthfuls of blood where her fall knocked a tooth--I've never seen so much blood!  Luckily, she injured herself at a doctor's house, and he and two of the other mom's (who are also nurses), were able to stop the bleeding before Paul and Melanie took her to the peds. dentist.  It was something--seeing that poor baby's face and blood....it took my breath away!  Poor baby!  I am planning to call them later to check on Caroline. 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend! :)    

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