Weekend's Here!

I am so glad it's Saturday!  I'm enjoying Sesame Street with my girls and right now there is this segment on the library--complete with this super cheesy "Real Men of Genius" type song about the library.  Pretty funny--Molly has made up a dance routine to the "liiiibraaarrrrrryyyyyyyy!"  lyrics.  haha

School has been extremely hectic and chaotic--I have a lot to do between now and Monday morning.  I am not 100% sure what my students will be doing the first week of school, but that's ok.  The first week is a lot of procedures and information--and I'm a seating chart sort of teacher, so I make a point to start almost anal-retentive about class rules, routines, and procedures.  My legs are a little sore from lifting/pushing furniture in hopes of getting everything just right for the first day.  I worked late several days, something I hate doing because it makes home life sort of nuts--rush home, fix dinner (we've had some non-nutritional, unbalanced, and weird meals this week), baths, clothes ready for the next day, and then bedtime.  

ECU also started this week, and I have a lot of assignments for that as well.  It's going to be difficult trying to keep it all in check.  I'm going to have to stay on top of things so I can get it all done.  Whew.  These next two years are going to be very demanding, but it will be ok.  I'll just have to be extremely organized and planning friendly.  It will all work out.

This weekend is BOB RUSSELL WEEKEND!  Our church is hosting a speaker for the weekend.  Last night was a dinner and service for our church family.  Tonight is a dinner for the community, and he will speak tomorrow during church.  Chris and the leadership will be very busy this weekend.  I really wish the event didn't coincide with back to school, but it's out of my hands.  I probably won't see Chris very much today as he will be very busy with church.  Last night Molly and I escaped to the Woolards.  I am looking forward to hearing Bob Russell speak on Sunday, but yesterday I was so extremely tired and worn out from the week.  When Chris W. told me I could go to visit with Lindsey, it made my whole night!  Molly and I enjoyed some down time with Lindsey, Silas, and Chris' parents.  Very nice!

Today I'm playing catch up....lots of laundry and household items to address.  I should probably hop off and get to it--

Have a lovely weekend--the weather is beautiful!

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