This is IT!

This is completely it--the very last day of summer vacation.  I can't even try to squeeze another day into it--it's over.  



As I'm sitting here at my fancy new workspace (which, isn't exactly new, but usable workspace I've created for school), I know exactly where my time has gone.  Last June I imagined a lot of lazy days in which I could just enjoy my girls and a good cup of coffee.  I imagined nicely cooked meals (balanced of course!) and long afternoons playing in the pool and sprinkler.  Funny how life has a tendency to get in the way.

The first full week of summer was exactly that--I just spent time with my girls and all the fun that comes with that.  Immediately following that week, Chris went to camp.  It's challenging to be a single mom when he's gone.  I have immense respect for the ladies that do it every single day!  He came home and I don't remember the next two weeks as I was high on meds post tonsil removal.  I was told by my ENT to expect a lot of pain and suffering, but I assumed that meant for OTHER people, not someone like me.  

I was wrong. 

After two weeks of recovery, Chris was dean for another session of camp.  We celebrated our 6 year anniversary on Sunday July 13th and on Monday my grandfather passed away.  The remainder of the week was spent in Jacksonville trying to pick up the pieces and make ourselves presentable as "the family of the deceased"--how we were referred to that week.  My grandfather had been sick for a while and entered hospice in late April.  

We knew this was coming.  
The family had made preparations.  
We talked about it with Molly.
We anticipated a short goodbye.  
We knew it was just a matter of time.  
And we waited. . .

We were blessed with a little more time than we initially felt we had, and there was no dramatic goodbye as he merely closed his eyes and woke up with Jesus.  What a wonderful way to go--no pain, no sadness, no scary moments....just peace.

Afterwards we dove straight into VBS.  Whew.

Chris took the following week off just to be at home and to complete the backyard fence.  We did enjoy some time with the girls and it was nice to be still for a change. 

The past two weeks have been busy with ECU preparations and some back to school items that needed to be addressed.  

And here we are.  August 17th.  


It's come so quickly, and I'm exactly sure as to how it all happened.  

Goodbye summer--I'll see you again on June 13, 2009. 

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