Spin Cycle

That's what my life is on right this minute--literally and figuratively.  Yes, I am waiting for a load of laundry to spin and stop so I can quickly load the the clothes into the dryer to run while I'm in bed.  Also, my world is spinning around and around these days between back to school, ECU, mommyhood, and all the other wonderful things going on.

I have a LOT of ECU work to do.  I found out that I managed to schedule myself for the two most time consuming classes in one semester.  I had no idea--someone should really put the classes on a star system in the registration catalog so students like myself know how intensive they actually are!  Papers here, papers there, papers EVERYWHERE!

I am ready for the long weekend to catch up with everything.

School is going ok.  The kids are pretty receptive to me, and they seem to enjoy having me for their teacher this year.  The 8th graders will bring their instruments tomorrow and we are going to attempt to play for the very first time.  That should be interesting.  I'll also be playing violin tomorrow for the strings....that shall be interesting also.  Ugh.  I'm not very good at that stupid violin, and I really can't stand the screechiness of the class.  It will be a long 45 minutes at the end of the school day.  

Now, on a completely obsessive compulsive note:  I broke down and bought myself a label maker!   It's so exciting to have neat labels everywhere in my classroom!  I LOVE IT!  The kids laugh at me when I pull it out to label their instrument cubbies--one started teasing me that I was going to start smacking everything with a label--doors, light switches, kids.  I have ALWAYS wanted one to appease my love for all things orderly.  Who knew a Dymo would bring so much joy?

I need a GOOD cup of coffee--with all the works.  


That may be my Friday treat to myself on the way to work.  

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