Let's hear it for aesthetics!

Last evening I had a very rough go--my professor had posted conflicting due dates about our first quiz.  One syllabus said one thing, an email said a different thing.  Originally we were told the quiz would close Sunday at midnight, then I read it would close Saturday at midnight.  I was not even procrastinating, because I was a day ahead--until I read that email and about vomited!

In an effort not to receive a zero on my first quiz, I decided to quickly take the 45 minute quiz about an hour and a half before access to the quiz would be removed.  No time to review the 15 pages of notes I had taken, or look at my dutifully highlighted points in the two chapters I had spent 4 hours making sure I understood the presented information.  And then there was the little ticker in the top right corner of my screen kept reminding me that I needed to think faster.  

I received a C+.  

A C+?????  

What the heck?  

I am NOT a C+ student!  

I was so mad I could have thrown my beloved Mac across the room.  

Moving forward, I began working on my other assignments this afternoon for my other class.  I am really excited about this one--all about aesthetics and philosophy of music education.  It is extremely interesting--I always thought I had a certain teaching style that "worked" for me and none of the other teachers for whatever reason.....turns out it's just my philosophy of music instruction reflected in my teaching style.  

In political news, I'm pretty pumped about the election--it's a GIRL!  

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