Let's go USA!

I am super excited about the Olympics--especially tonight's games.  I LOVE women's gymnastics.  I took gymnastics for about 5 years and competed on the local level.  I used to thrive on the competition--the pressure was high even as a young child.  I remember having practice 5 days a week for 2-3 hours at a time.  It was crazy.  I was constantly at practice (except on Wednesday nights because Mom wanted me to go to church).  I still have stretch marks on my thighs from those days.  My calves we HUGE!  We giggle when we look back at my elementary school photos--I looked like I could kill someone.  My childhood heroes were Mary Lou and Nadia--I wanted that Team USA leotard--white with the red/white/blue seams.    

My favorite event was the floor.  I remember the freedom of throwing myself backwards performing back handsprings and back tucks.  I remember the aerials and how I felt like I was flying.  There are days I wish I could still twist and stretch my body to it's physical limits.  

The only event I was afraid of was the beam.  I think this is primarily because my friend Kristi broke her arm one night at practice--and I wasn't able to look at the beam the same way afterwards.

In the 1996 games I remember being so immensely proud of the women's team.  I know everyone gave Kerrie a FIT for her squeaky little voice--but NO ONE could have stuck that vault like she did.  It was INCREDIBLE!!!!     

Ahh.  I am so proud of the ladies (and the men too) on our Olympic team.  I hope they make us proud.  

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