I'm bringing Sabbath back. . .

Today was another lovely day at church.  Afterwards we ate with some friends from church and then came home for beloved Sunday naps.  I usually forgo the Sunday nap in exchange for some personal time.  I love being able to sit and indulge in mindless activities and allowing myself time to prepare for the upcoming week.  I have especially found during the school year that I need this time to recharge.  In the summer Sundays are glorious as all of our evening activities are cancelled and I can absolutely relax.  During the school year we usually rush back to church for SNK and all the other fun activities/meetings/rehearsals that are going on.  

I've decided that this year (and possibly while I'm working on my masters) that I will try to avoid the Sunday night activities as much as possible.  The Lord commands us to have a day of rest, and I realize that I have never taken this as seriously as I should.  My weeks are jam packed during the school year--between work and all the church responsibilities--I go the minute my feet hit the ground at 5:30am and I usually do not have a chance to stop until 10ish at night.   Our Saturdays are either spent doing church activities or running errands that didn't get taken care of during the week.  Sunday is our church extravaganza--no rest for the weary there.  

It's not healthy, and I'm bringing Sabbath back.  

Why on earth would I feel like I, plain old me, am too superhuman and not need a break?  Even the Lord while making the UNIVERSE observed a day of rest (and He obviously didn't need it).  While I may not be able to observe a complete day of rest, I can find pockets of time to enjoy my family, friends, and home.  I should spend these precious moments with the ones I love and doing the things that make me whole.  

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