31 Days with Mama A: Email Offenders at Work. (Day 3)

I hope you've been keeping up with our series the past few days.  Remember you can always click the 31 Days with Mama A tab at the top of this page if you miss something, or find Seriously. on Facebook to get caught up. 

Happiest of Fridays to you my dears!  

Shall we pause for a moment of silence and a celebratory sip of the coffee?  

On Fridays I want to keep things fun and lighthearted (with an ounce of sass).  No need to get all super serious at the end of the workweek!  Today we're going to quickly identify work email offenders.  Most everyone who deals with multiple people in their office or profession has to deal with email.  It's inevitable.  And most people who send us those lovely little emails fall into a certain category.

Let's begin:

1.  LIL MISS (OR MR.) ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME IN ALL EMAILS NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES.  Unless you are 85 or working for the CIA and need to speak in all things code, take a moment and press that caps lock button for the rest of us.  We get nervous when things are in all caps.  And writing in all caps is like shouting at us--pretty soon we're either going to ignore your emails and/or fail to see what all the fuss is about.

2.  Toby Tag Everyone (and their mama's best friend):  This person sends emails out to everyone like it's their job.  The content doesn't always apply to everyone, and they post little things like "please disregard if this doesn't apply to you" somewhere in their message.  Burns us all up and fills our inboxes with trash.

3.  Carbon Copy Cathy and more offensive (and scary) Blide Copy Betty:  These people tag important people/management in their emails when it should only be intended for one on one communication.  It makes everyone agitated because it's almost like a small child trying to right a wrong or fuss at someone who hurt their feelings while looking at the parent in close proximity to ensure the parent sees and hears what's going on.

4.  Ninja Nancy:  This person never sends emails.  When their name pops up in your inbox you've almost forgotten that they still work with you.  And you read it immediately. . .because they never, ever email anyone.

5.  Never Gonna Read it Ned:  This person never reads your emails.  He has 1003582370 unopened items in his inbox.  The red number on his email app on his phone makes your eyes twitchy. He has no clue what's going on and freely admits to not reading his emails about anything.

And my personal favorite:

6.  Magical Matilda:  This "friend" sends you all the forwards about good luck, fortune, being a good friend, and saving humpback whales if, and only if, you will also forward the email to 95 other people and send it back to her.

I've killed so many puppies and lost friendship points it's not even funny.  

Happy Friday, my darlings!  I hope the weekend is good to you!

Love and smooches,
Mama A.

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