Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a time for war and peace.

Weeping and laughing.

Mourning and dancing.

Speaking and being silent.

Ecclesiastes 3:11:  He has made everything beautiful in its time. 

Things that frustrate me the most these days are the opposites of what I believe I need for satisfaction. 

Chaos when I want order.

Opinions when I just want the facts.

Variance when I crave routine.

Issues and not solutions.

Science but also common sense.

Justice and mercy.

When the Lord created He made light and dark.

Earth and sky.

Water and land. 

Male and female.

When He finished creating, He looked around at all of the opposites and said they were good. 

This is not new information, but something that He's been reminding me of these days.  The Lord set this world into motion using opposites, so why can't He continue to use the same formula for living today?  He is the one who created this notion of opposites and variations and differences and we read about it in Ecclesiastes, and we still see it each day.  

It just appears that we are on the less than ideal side of things these days.  And it's easy to feel fine when things are feeling fine, but we don't like it when we find ourselves on the opposite side.  

I don't know how all of this is going to shake out, but I have to continue to believe that God will use 2020 well and for His purposes and I have to continue to believe that He uses all things for our good.  

He is with us in the heartache and the delight.   

He is with us in the unknown and the familiar. 

He is with us in the discomfort and the peace.

He is with us in the disappointments and the victories.  

He's in this season as well and will make it beautiful. 

And this season won't last forever.


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