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Lost in the tree balls.

On a whim, I signed up for a 5K this week.  It was a night run in the dark and freezing cold, but the allure of running under the lights of the Canterbury tree balls during my most favorite season was just too much for me to pass up!  I try not to talk too much about my running habits.  People have a lot of opinions, and I need my running to be something I truly do for myself.  I run to stay mentally and physically well.  I run to blow off the crazies that reside in my head.  I run to eat carbs.  I run because it's a portable exercise and doesn't require a membership.  I work to avoid the competitive side of running because I know my personality will turn it into something I don't need for it to be.  I don't need another failure in my life by not running fast enough to please myself and others.   The race was small and a school fundraiser, so there wasn't a lot of the rah rah that comes from a larger event.  However, it was fairly organized and I was ready for the

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