Summer's Coming. . .

3 more days of school with the kiddos.  

Sometimes it's a little intimidating to me when I realize in t-minus a week or so I'll be home. 


With my kids.  

Any other working teacher mommies feel that way, too?  

And willing to admit it out loud?


I love summer.  I love the freedom to wake up and drink coffee and watch morning television or SIT ON MY PORCH AND STARE AT THE RIVER and enjoy life.

I like sleeping in and staying up late.  I love the lack of rigor and the joy that comes from the unplanned days.

For about a week.  And then I get a little nervous.  And anxious.  And want to spend my time doing something else.

So, what are some of your plans for this summer?  What are you planning to do on the cheap?  What adventures are you planning to occupy your children's minds?

I'm thinking of:

Morning journals/reading--we did this last Saturday morning.  We sat on the porch and I told the girls they could draw, write, or read, but they couldn't bring toys or electronics out with them.  We brought milk/coffee and breakfast and enjoyed the world waking up on the river.  It was fabulous and something I'm hoping to do more of this summer!

Photos--the girls and I recently got new cameras.  I'm planning on taking a ton of pictures--of the kids, of the camp kids, of the place we live.  Christacular found the girls a camera/recorder on the clearance table at Best Buy a few weeks ago. I'm hoping they can document their days this summer.

Read, read, read!  Every summer we've enjoyed going to the library to participate in the summer reading program.  We're looking forward to doing the same thing this summer as well.

Movies--we've often gone to the free/$1.00 movies in the summer.  It's cheap, cool, and entertaining.  Let's face it, who doesn't love a good movie in the theater every now and then?  And, you're in a room full of children.  No one cares if your kids are occasionally talking or laughing OUT LOUD at things that aren't really funny.

Cooking/New Recipes:  I find that I get lazy during summer.  I don't want to cook.  I want to snack snack snacky snack because it's summer.  And snack foods are just too good in summer.  But, I also don't want my waist line to reflect this when I return to school in the fall.  So, hopefully we can try some new recipes and eat healthy.  I think the girls would love to be in the kitchen with me--maybe we can take turns planning menus and cooking.

Stopping to enjoy life--I find myself trying to fill my days with stuff during the summer when I should really just stop and take a nap, read a book, snuggle with my girls, and live life a little.  I need to enjoy these summers more--my girls will only be young once.

Friends!  I have lots of friends who are teachers or stay at home mommies who I can spend time with.  There is no need for us to be all alone--playdates are a good way to relieve the summer crazies and give the kids some other kids to play with. Win win!

What about you?  What are your plans for this summer?

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