Mama A Says: Summer Playlist? Yes, please!

Hellooooo my long lost darlings!  Mama A's back and ready to hit the beach and participate in all sorts of water activities.  Summer's here and that means good books, long naps, sleeping in, and painting toenails. It means lemonade, grilling out, playing in the sprinkler, and watching wonderfully sappy and silly movies.  It means that dress codes are relaxed and no one will be wearing closed-toe dress shoes until the fall. 

And the only thing that can make all of that even MORE fun is a good summer playlist to get you in the summer mood.  Mama A has taken it upon herself to load up her iPod with some of her hits and thought, because she's a giver and all, that perhaps some lost souls haven't a clue as how to load their iPods up with fun and fantastic music fit for parties, road trips, or just cooking in the kitchen.  The girls and I have a habit of cranking it UP in the house on those first few days of summer vacation--there is something liberating about singing at the top of your lungs and dancing in your mismatched pjs on that first summer morning. 

We've also been known to do this on Saturdays in October. . .and usually it's Christmas music. .  .but I digress. 

So, Mama A has brought back her summer list of fantastic--please, please, please feel free to add any of your favorite current songs or blasts from the past.  We plan on rocking it OUT this summer--I can feel it in my bones that this is going to be a good summer at the A.V.Ery's house. 

Feel free to come by and bust a move any time. 

 1. DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince--Summertime.  Does it really get any more summer vacationy than this throwback?  Gracious--my head starts bobbing and weaving and I get that sassy look with some hand motions when this comes on.  Instant crowd pleaser. 

2.  Jackson 5--I Want You Back. Quintessential summer favorite.  If you don't start cutting a ridiculous looking rug when you hear this we just need to break up.  Immediately. 

3.  Lucky--Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat.  Jason Mraz writes happy music on purpose.  He believes that it's harder to write happy songs.  Louis Armstrong felt the same way.  Smart folks, good music.

4.  That's How You Know--Enchanted soundtrack.  I laugh and smile and cry every time I watch this particular scene in this movie.  I had to own it so I could recreate the magic that occurs when Amy Adams starts singing in the park and McSteamyDreamyNugget (whatever Patrick Dempsey's nickname is from G'sA) becomes embarrassed by the whole affair.  LOVE. 

5.  Fun, Fun, Fun--Despicable Me soundtrack.  Pharrell and Steve Carell in the same movie.  Rhyming and winning.  While you're downloading that one, do yourself a favor and download the title song.  And just watch the movie.  Hysterical.

6.  What a Fool Believes--The Doobie Brothers.  Oh yeah.  I used to totally joke this song.  Until it got stuck in my soul. 

7.  Hotel California--The Eagles.  Just say "NO!" to drugs, kids.  And then enjoy the awesomeness.

8.  I've Got This Friend--The Civil Wars.  So fun, so light and endearing.  Classic. 

9.  Easy--Commodores.  Lionel.  I heart you. 

10.  Generator (First Floor)--Freelance Whales.  So hip even HGTV used it for a commercial.  Fun, fun.

11.  Les Yeux De Ton Pere--Les Negresses Vertes from French Kiss.  I think this is so fun, and foreign, and I thought I was hot to trot for knowing a french song in high school.  Yeah. 

12.  Everything--Michael Buble.  Be still my heart, I do love the lyrics to this song.  Man, it makes me giddy!

13.  California Love--2Pac feat. Dr. Dre.  Ok, stop judging me.  It's catchy.  And my version on my iPod is edited.  So there.  

14.  What About Your Friends--TLC.  Ok, can I get a witness from my old friends that we miss Lisa Left Eye Lopes?  I heart her little voice.  

15.    Brown-eyed Girl--Van Morrison.  Obviously we're the best.  I'm the best brown-eyed girl at my house.  That's Queen Brown Eye to you, minions. 

What about you?  What's going to be on repeat on your iPod this summer?

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